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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I won't be in to class tomorrow cuz I have a doctor's apt I have to get to in DC. But here are my sketches.


Getting tangled in seaweed
This can be very inconvenient, especially when you have somewhere to be. A good tool for dealing with this pesky aquatic plant is a good old fashioned knife. If you forgot yours, try to grab a sawfish.

Clawed Crustations

The sound of the ocean can sometimes be heard from putting your ear to a conch shell. However, a danger lies in this activity. Sometimes there is still a creature living in the shell and it will come out and pinch you! Also beware of other forms of attack by clawed crustations - kid being pinched on noses and butts.

Sea Zombies (only has one sketch)
Sunken ships provide a wonderful ecosystem for aquatic life to flourish. Unfortunately, they also come with zombie crews. These crews can range in numbers, depending on who was on deck when the ship sunk. Unlike land zombies, the sea zombies do not seek brains. They only hunger for bellybutton lint. Empty it out before you enter the water.

The elusive sea queen hides from the public, but for those who frequent Lock Ness for it's wonderful diving, Nessy can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. Being the only lock ness monster in the lake, she has grown lonely, and situations have been known to turn very ugly when you deny her invitations for tea.

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  1. I think I like the non scuba people in the first two, because it is less believable and the crab pinching the chicks butt is funnier. Though it may not be appropriate for children....not sure. I'm not sure what's going on in the zombie one, but I'm sure you'll make it work since you are an experienced zombie drawer. And I think if you mix the crying nessy which is awesome with the tea party one it would work really well.