Killustration 6 is a thesis group of six MICA students. This blog will be used for posting useful links for each other to use as resources and inspiration, as well as posting our latest sketches, work etc. for feedback.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Illustration

I have two more done but haven't scanned them yet. I did them all on Saturday! Phew. You get in the "mode" ya know? Please let me know if it needs any revisions or if you think something looks FUNKY. I'm still trying to figure out how to get nice matte gouache to look like matte gouache when printed?? I think I'm going to LuLu to print the book when it's done. (the scan of it is pretty bad, at 72 ick. I'll bring them to class thurs.... )


  1. I REALLY love the undefined edges for this. Very smart choice. And I like the colors your using except the dog and boy are really desaturated like the background. Haha same problem I was having except reversed. I think if you saturated the hair and sweater of the boy he would stand out more as the focus.

    and the leaf in the sky looks kind-of like it's floating through his head and out the other side.

  2. I agree with Sarah about the saturation of the boy. Also maybe if you put some subtle detail in more of the leaves, just a couple veins, not full outline, it would make them feel more like leafy piles.