Killustration 6 is a thesis group of six MICA students. This blog will be used for posting useful links for each other to use as resources and inspiration, as well as posting our latest sketches, work etc. for feedback.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I did some revisions based on what you guys and Jaime said. Anything else you think would help?


  1. I don't have any suggestions, it looks great! I did like the yellow dress and the girl with red hair better...but I think the blonde hair and blue dress make her look more like a yuppie so that's cool too. And the sky color is awesome. Whew!

  2. Yeahhh, blue and blonde is more of a classic combo..and I might prefer that for this color scheme...the revised one is refreshing...has more of a true vintage feel...everything feels more harmonizing. I like :]

  3. YES, very vintage. Looks nice! Not so saturated, great sky and the outlines of the trees being lighter really pushes them back more! Good job! Keep this tone going for them all, it also looks pamphlet-y. (a word??) haha. : )