Killustration 6 is a thesis group of six MICA students. This blog will be used for posting useful links for each other to use as resources and inspiration, as well as posting our latest sketches, work etc. for feedback.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paper dolls that will have difefrent outfits each week...



  1. I definitely dig the bangs on the brunet. I forgot to say this in class, but I'd tone down the blond's hair a little bit so it dosen't compete with what she's wearing too much. It looks great with the red/blue dress tho! primary colors woooooo!

  2. Yay you did it!!!!! These look friggin sweet! I like the poses a bunch, and the outfits your choosing for each one. I also like the way you did the chicks underwear, which is kinda weird but more wholesome for young girls I think. And the outfits are amazing. But you should spruce up the guys outfits a little more.

  3. yeah... that blonde really is grabbing alot of attention...haha.
    And yeah... I need equal love for that man... he'll get prettier :)
    Thanks ladies!