Killustration 6 is a thesis group of six MICA students. This blog will be used for posting useful links for each other to use as resources and inspiration, as well as posting our latest sketches, work etc. for feedback.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 sketches

For messy room, decided to push the jungle thing. Sorry if it's a little hard to read.

For falling up, haven't finished the b/g or anything but let me know if you guys like the positions of them or have any suggestions, especially about the girl/her stylization because I was struggling with it....always struggling with people.


  1. The jungle thing seems more exciting than normal room~It looks like the lizard is dreaming~cute:) I wish the lizard is sleeping on the bed almost like a human, as if it feels at home~
    The second one, I like the composition. I like the doggy trying to reach the bone~
    I like the girl too. The only suggestion is that her hair could blow harder by wind.

    I'm so excited to see how it come out in 3D~!

  2. I do like the jungle theme....more that movie jumanji....and I love that parrot ontop of tall the mess, having a glamour like moment in one of the few open spaces...I just love birds...
    And as for the second one...the hair need to be in that wind for sureeeee....put that in the action..and possibly a shoes falling off?

  3. Thank you for your suggestions!!! I am gonna try to have them both completed by next week. I'm a little behind so tomorrow I should be posting more progress.

  4. I like the jungleness. It brings something to the poem that isn't there but exaggerates the messiness.

    And I really like the positions of both the dog and the girl. They really look like they're floating UP and not falling down. DEFINITELY!

    And I agree with the others that her hair should be a little wind blown.

    Good luck!!!